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PET Strapping / Polyester Strap is used in place of steel which is new type of packing materials. In recent years, due to the success of research and development of new materials and the cost of the decline, PET STRAPPING / Polyester Strapping has been used to bring in wood, iron and steel industry, chemical fiber industry, aluminum, paper, the brick kiln industry, electronic and other industries PET Strapping / Polyester Strapping with not only beautiful, security, high-intensity, an extension of good performance without deduction of steel combined with the advantages, but also substantially reduce your packing cost so that you can get a bigger profit margin.

We assure the safety of your product


Tensile and strong: Not only anti-strip- like rally and could impact the scalability, you can also ensure that the transportation safety products. Elongation small: Only the elongation of polypropylene (PP) with one sixth of that for a long time to maintain tension. Better flexibility: No sharp edge of the strip, the security operation is neither injury nor damage to the hand-tied objects. Do not look rusty: Rusty steel object tied to pollution blight, the bright colors to be learned. Good economic results: 1 metric ton of steel with the length of the unit price per meter below the strip, you can greatly reduce cost. We always consider with full satisfactory result with Quality along with Tensile Strength and Breaking Strength etc.


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