staping machine

Straping Machines

Discover efficiency and reliability with our strapping machines. Secure your packages with ease.
Pet strap packaging material

Pet Strap Packaging

Durable PET straps for secure packaging, offering strength, flexibility, and reliability for various applications.
brown Tape Packaging

Brown Tape Packaging

Brown Tape Packaging: Reliable sealing solution for secure and professional packaging needs in various industries.
PP strap packaging

PP Strap Packaging

Versatile PP straps, strong and reliable, ideal for bundling and securing packages in diverse applications.

PVC Tape Packaging

PVC Packing Tape, strong and reliable, ideal for bundling and securing packages

Hafeez Sons Engerprises

Our Company is a packaging solution provider, instead of countless competitors in such a vast field of packaging it has been successful to count itself in the queue of prestigious and established companies. Our company imports, manufactures and supplies multiple packaging machineries and materials and our highly effective quality assurance system can guarantee that all our products are controlled and monitored properly. All of our employees are committed to supply our customers with 100% defect free products as there are some points that we never forget.

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Quic Fact About Hafeez Sons

Range of PVC Tape Colors

Ready to customize? Contact a Hafeez Sons representative for other colors you require.
Your packaging needs, our priority."
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